Vermont Unemployment

vermont flagVermont

Capital: Montpelier
State abbreviation/Postal code: Vt./VT
Nickname: Green Mountain State
Origin of name: From the French “vert mont,” meaning “green mountain”
Land area: 9,250 sq mi. (23,958 sq km)
Geographic center: In Washington Co., 3 mi. E of Roxbury
Number of counties: 14

vermont mapLargest county by population and area: Chittenden, 149,613 (2005); Windsor, 971 sq mi.

Vermont Unemployment Benefits Application

Unemployment Insurance in the state of Vermont has been in existence since 1939 and is designed to provide assistance to unemployed workers in replacement of lost income provided that they have become unemployed through no fault of their own.

Filing for unemployment benefits require that you have and are willing to provide valid Social Security Number as this will be used for identification purposes.

You eligibility to receive benefits must conform to the following guidelines:
1. You must be able and available for work.
2. You must not refuse suitable employment offer at no reasonable cause.
3. Reason for quitting work must be valid and not as a result of being fired due to misconduct.
4. Have not received a back pay or resettlement.
5. Have not received Worker’s Compensation, Vacation pay or wages in lieu of notice.
6. Is actively seeking full time work and is fully or partially unemployed.

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