New Hampshire Unemployment

new hampshire flagNew Hampshire

Capital: Concord
State abbreviation/Postal code: N.H./NH
Nickname: Granite State
Origin of name: From the English county of Hampshire
Land area: 8,968 sq mi. (23,227 sq km)
Geographic center: In Belknap Co., 3 mi. E of Ashland
Number of counties: 10

new hampshire mapLargest county by population and area: Hillsborough, 401,291 (2005); Coos, 1,801 sq mi.

New Hampshire Unemployment Benefits Application

Unemployed workers under covered employment or with employers that are subject to the New Hampshire Unemployment Law may receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits provided they are eligible to a claim.

Unemployment Compensation (UC) is guaranteed only to qualified claims on a weekly payment basis if the recipient or claimant:

1. Has worked under covered employment.
2. Has become unemployed through no fault of his own.
3. Meets eligibility requirements.
4. Files timely and proper claims.

Aside from those mentioned above, claimants are expected to meet the following guidelines:

1. Must be totally or partially unemployed. Weeks for which you did not perform any work or no wages payable to you including work for spouses or children whether compensated or not must be reported.
2. Must be registered for work when required by the New Hampshire Employment Security Office.
3. Must be available for full-time work on all shift and the hours when required as normal work.
4. Must be physically and mentally able to work.
5. Must be actively looking for work.
6. Must have file claims for benefits in a timely manner.
7. Must be willing to participate in re-employment services when offered by NH Employment Security.
8. Must disclose whether or not you are required to make child support payments, or whether you owe an un-collected over issuance of food stamp coupons.
9. Must report any refusal to work or referral to work.

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