Kentucky Unemployment

kentucky flagKentucky

Capital: Frankfort
State abbreviation/Postal code: Ky. /KY
Nickname: Bluegrass State
Origin of name: From an Iroquoian word “Ken-tah-ten” meaning “land of tomorrow”
Land area: 39,728 sq mi. (102,896 sq km)
Geographic center: In Marion Co., 3 mi. NNW of Lebanon
Number of counties: 120

kentucky mapLargest county by population and area: Jefferson, 699,827 (2005); Pike, 787 sq mi.

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits Application

The Division of Unemployment Insurance (UI) of Kentucky handles the claims of jobless workers in the state however, imposes guidelines for eligibility in receiving unemployment claims and among those includes:

Quitting a job for a good cause attributable to employment or is laid-off through no fault of their own e.g., misconduct.

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