Arizona Unemployment

arizona flagArizona

Capital: Phoenix
State abbreviation/Postal code: Ariz./AZ
Nickname: Grand Canyon State
Origin of name: Uncertain. Perhaps from the O’odham Indian word for “little spring”
Land area: 113,635 sq mi. (294,315 sq km)
Geographic center: In Yavapai Co., 55 mi. ESE of Prescott
Number of counties: 15

arizona mapLargest county by population and area: Maricopa, 3,635,528 (2005); Coconino, 18,562 sq mi.

Arizona Unemployment Benefits Application

Arizona residents may file unemployment insurance claims under the requirements of state law. Specific requirements for wages and time worked within an established time period otherwise known as base period determines eligibility.

To qualify for UI benefits, you must have been paid wages in insured employment of:

• At least $1,500 in one of the four quarters of the base period and your total base period wages must be at least 1-1/2 times your high quarter, or
• At least $7,000 in total wages in at least two quarters of the base period, with wages in one quarter equal to $5,987.50 or more.
You must be proven unemployed with no fault of your own as determined by state law.

If you have Arizona wages and also worked in another state, or currently reside in Arizona and have earnings from employers in two or more other states (within the base period), you may choose to combine these wages to establish monetary eligibility. If you were employed in more than one state at any time during the current base period, you may have the option of:

• Filing a claim against any state in which you were employed using only the wages from that state, or
• Filing a claim against any state in which you were employed, using the wages from all states in which you earned wages.

For more information other than applying for unemployment benefits in the state of Arizona, you may wish to opt-in to this site using the form on the right for more updates and tips on how to get by during your period of unemployment.

This is a free resource which would help you get back on your feet and cope with the struggles of unemployment.

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